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There is so much to learn when launching a startup.  We make it easy to find and share educational resources with your team, and your community.


KookyPlan is a collaborative learning environment to help entrepreneurs grow and scale impactful businesses.  An educational platform where people come to learn together.  A place to find and share educational resources with your team, and with your community.  It is a digital library full of educational content.  KookyPlan allows members to share learning resources with other members.

For Teams:  KookyPlan makes learning easy.  Team members can login and have immediate access to valuable online educational resources.  Simply create a KookyPlan account for your team, where team members can save links to their favorite content, giving all team members the ability to create and share their personalized online learning with other members of your community.

Building a high-impact startup is hard work!  Join a community of founders, and learn from each other

  • Find and share resources
  • Discover the best videos, podcasts, books, courses and more
  • Bite-sized learning on topics such as: fundraising, pitch, growth, legal, and more…

Join a community of high-impact entrepreneurs, and learn together

Curate your own collection of resources, and share them with your team, or with other startup founders.

Learning Resources for Startup Founders

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