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KookyPlan, the resource collection, is designed for entrepreneurs to use as they plan and launch their startups.

A shared learning resource for startup founders.  KookyPlan is a collection of useful articles, videos, books and more, carefully curated by our community of founders.

What is a “KookyPlan”?

  • Your “KookyPlan” is your startup idea.  And, like most really good startup ideas, it will likely seem strange at first.
  • That’s ok!
  • There will always be people who will call your ideas “kooky”, but just smile and say “thank you”…and get to work (you’re probably onto something!).

Find and share books, videos, podcasts, articles, and more…

Curate your own collection of resources, and share them with your team, or with other startup founders.

Learning Resources for Startup Founders

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