KookyPlan is for entrepreneurs, creatives and investors.  It is designed for startup founders (with global potential), and for the people who finance entrepreneurs with venture capital, and angel investments.

Big Ideas,
Bold Startups

We help entrepreneurs to figure out their idea, get some help from friends, build a team, and raise money from investors.

KookyPlan is for startup founders with “crazy”-seeming ideas

Yes, a KookyPlan might seem like a strange idea at first, but most of the really good ideas usually are!   So, if someone tells you that your idea is strange, say “thank you” — you’re probably on to something!  Now, let’s get to work…

How we help

We help people communicate their (sometimes complicated) startup ideas.  Then, we help them raise money, build a team, and communicate their idea to carefully selected people.


We help entrepreneurs tell their stories, whether they are just starting out with a new idea, or if they might be rapidly growing

Get Feedback

Get help from friends, advisors, mentors and more.  Ask for feedback from trusted advisors, and get help pitching your idea


Clearly communicate all of the parts of your idea to select investors, combining your pitch deck, explainer videos, financials, etc.


Business Strategy

Ask for help from your board of advisors, from trusted consultants, family members or friend.  Keep separate channels for each

Skill Development

What are the new skills you and your team will need to acquire?  Our educational platform can help you with the learning pathways

Team Building

How do you attract a co-founder to join your team?  How about your first 20 hires?  We help you communicate and team-build

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